Our Coffee Shop


We make coffee because we love it. We love cake even more. We only make food that we love; it includes lots of vegetarian and vegan options. And we serve it all with passion. If it's not for you, then that's ok.

The Green Wood Centre, Coalbrookdale, where we are located, was built in 1998 as an energy-efficient and sustainably sourced education and office facility by The Green Wood Trust. A café was added a while later which we took over as a family-run business in 2016 after years of searching for the perfect location. The rest of the site is the national HQ of The Small Woods Association, and we're sure you'll love this unique woodland location as much as we do. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our coffee shop retreat

-  Jody-Lea (the Daughter), Jason (the Dad) & Michelle (the Mum) & the rest of The Lodge Team


We're aware of some SatNavs directing users to a nearby 'Station Road' in Madeley, Telford. If you find yourselves lost, use postcode TF8 7EG which will take you to Dale End Car Park near the south end of Station Road. From here you can park and walk up the road or follow the signs for 'Green Wood Centre/Small Woods/The Green Wood Café' to park here on-site. 

Alternatively, good old fashioned maps work well too... 

Planned Closures 2019

Monday 1st - Tuesday 2nd April - maintenance! Our coffee shop has been hammered of late and really needs some TLC and repairs.

Monday 8th April - Staff training! We’ve recently hired more staff to help with our rapidly growing business, so we’re taking the time to all brush up on our skills together.

You’ll find us doing our usual thing 7 days a week, opening times here.

What's On
both here at The Green Wood Café and at The Green Wood Centre

You’ll find us doing our usual thing 7 days a week, opening times here.
We sometimes have daytime and evening events on too. Read on for more.

Here is a quick overview of our regular events at the café, see the calendar below (or this list HERE) for all events on:

  • Street Food Evenings - Our popular Street Food Nights are evolving… they’re currently on hiatus and will re-launch in the future as Gorge Grub. Follow our socials (FB / Tw / I @gorgegrub) for updates!

  • Sunday Brunch Live at the Lodge: brunch, coffee, cake and smooth sounds from a live band/artist... every few Sundays, check our calendar for dates!
    (We're looking for local jazz/blues/soul/acoustic artists/bands to play, get in touch if it sounds like your kind of thing!)

  • Late Night Opening & Hobby Night - Board Games, Crafts, Food, Drink... once or twice a month.
    Get Social, relax on your own, play games, bring along your crafting... however to choose to spend the evening - make it your time.