The Green Wood Cafe - by Coffee with Soul & Gorge Grub ✨
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Don’t panic! It’s still just us here! We’re splitting our business identities to help us focus on our core elements & to avoid confusion as we expand into other locations. Coffee with Soul is the coffee shop side of our business, originally operating as (and from) the Green Wood Café, Coalbrookdale. Same magic, new name. 👌

Gorge Grub is the food side of our business, including our daytime brunch menu but also our new, evolving evening tapas & street food. As part of our expansion we’re looking for additional location(s) for either Coffee with Soul and/or Gorge Grub. 👀

A bit more info to put our evolution into context - The Green Wood Café does not have any extraction in the kitchen (or anywhere), and it wasn’t built/designed for cooking hot food in the volume that is now required. Additionally it’s a wooden building, just imagine how the grease and smells would cling to the structure if we cooked/fried inside. It is for this reason that we had to get creative with our menu, and our original street food nights were a temporary work around for the extraction problem, (ie cooking outside). As many of you may be aware, our ‘Street Food Nights’ (where external traders came and provided food on some Friday evenings) proved very popular but unfortunately we were often let down by traders and the evenings grew a bit too big for that format. We knew there had to be a better plan and we knew we wanted to do better…..

SO! Our awesome in-house kitchen creatives, now operating as Gorge Grub, are going to keep smashing it with our daytime brunch-y menu AND bring you our very own favourite dishes EVERY Friday night in the Gorge & hopefully soon, every Saturday night too. This is with a hope to expand to other evenings if it proves popular, it’ll be an evolution! We trialled this the last few weeks with our Friday Night Tapas menu and are pleased that say that this is staying with a few additions based off customer feedback - we also now have the beginnings of our very own field kitchen to create our own street food - more on this soon in a separate post 😋.