Friday Nights at The Green Wood Cafe were always going to be about Street Food! And we now have the beginning of a field kitchen to bring you our street food every Friday night with (hopefully) more evenings to come…

Read on for our full update:


Why Street Food?

We do not have any extraction whatsoever in The Green Wood Cafe, it’s an open plan kitchen in a wooden building! Just imagine the smells if we cooked inside... We always wanted to make hot food for the evenings but it’s not possible to change the kitchen to make it conducive for ‘cooking’, therefore cooking outside, street food style, was our workaround for an evening offering. We used to have a street food business so we were really excited for it. Friday Night Street Food was born.

So what was our original Friday Night Street Food all about?

We used to do fortnightly, and then monthly street food nights with external traders, they were always vegan with plenty of gluten-free options to ensure the food was accessible to as many people as possible  (allergies aside, everyone can eat vgn/gf, right?). The evenings were incredibly popular! Too popular. We made the tough decision to stop them…

Why did The Street Food Nights stop?

The evenings became a victim of their own success and were far too popular to manage. We tried a few different tactics to ensure the traders weren’t overwhelmed (selling out too early!) and the evening still had a great vibe, but we couldn’t make it work sustainably. We knew there had to be a better plan. So sadly we had to stop them in that format whilst we worked on something in the background, we knew there had to be a better solution. Gorge Grub was on it’s way…

What is Gorge Grub?

We split our business identities this year to help us focus on different aspects of business separately as we look to both up our game at The Green Wood Cafe AND expand our brand in Shropshire. Gorge Grub was born! It is the food side of life here at the coffee shop and everything the kitchen team creates. During the day it’s all about the brunch vibes, and in the evening it’s going to be all about those street food vibes. OUR street food vibes! We decided to bring the street food in-house, i.e. do it ourselves rather than rely on external traders, allowing for better control and management of customer expectations.

Gorge Grub Evenings Phase 1 was a success!

Phase one of our evenings was us opening every Friday night with a Gorge Grub Menu of Tapas & Loaded Nachos, plus alcohol from the (local) Coracle Micropub’s ‘Nano-pub’ (a fridge full of beers) and local Astley Vineyard Wine, whilst we worked out some kinks to get our field kitchen sorted for cooking up our street food. The Friday night menu was a huge success and it’s absolutely staying for Phase 2…

Gorge Grub Phase 2 - Street Food - is here!

Our field kitchen is in it’s early days, our first piece of equipment arrived from Spain last week - a huge, beautiful, shiny Paella Pan and gas burner! As of this week, the first week of August, we’ll be cooking up our awesome paella EVERY Friday night alongside our Gorge Grub menu of Loaded Nachos & Tapas, we also have some new puddings!

What’s Phase 3 to come?

We’re currently sourcing some new equipment for our field kitchen and working through the logistics of opening more evenings a week with varying street food! Whilst we work on this, we’re looking to do a few, select, local events and kitchen takeovers in various places in Shropshire with the aim to test out possible Gorge Grub evening menus. 

So there’s lots happening! Watch this space to see where we’ll be going with our next evolution, and come join us for our Gorge Grub Friday Night Paella, Tapas & Loaded Nachos!

If you’d like to be part of this and think you’ve got something to bring to the team, then we want to hear from you! We’re looking for new Coffee With Soul BARISTA’S and Gorge Grub KITCHEN CREATIVES. Check out the roles and apply here.