“Victim of your own success”… We hear ya, and we hear this phrase A LOT. It’s crazy busy and the weather is changing (so the outside seating isn’t as appealing). We need to make some changes; So we’re closing for the week Mon 2nd to Sun 8th Sept (inclusive),  Read on for more:

1️⃣ We’re reworking our entire menu. We’re really proud of the food we make and we’re always so humbled at how many people travel far and wide for it! But truthfully our business growth excelled far quicker than we could have anticipated. We were unable to slowly evolve our space as planned, and our kitchen/store is about to implode under the pressure of producing a big, varied menu with the footfall we now have. So we’re simplifying our menu to take the pressure off the team and the kitchen, and most importantly to make it a smoother customer experience. 😌

2️⃣ We’ll be doing some much needed shop maintenance, refurbishments and a few layout tweaks (hello Winterisation!). Our little space took a real hammering over Summer and we need to spend some time sprucing it up before the Autumn rush. We’re also aware of how small our inside space is, so we’ll be spending some time making our outside space a bit more ‘Winter-Friendly’ ❄️

3️⃣ We’ll be doing some staff training - we’ve been hiring over the past few weeks! We’ve increased our team so we can serve you quicker and help us realise our dreams of more evening openings in the near future! More on the latter soon… 👀