Privacy Policy


Your data and our compliance with GDPR

We are obliged to share with you how we use and store the data you are providing by contacting us via our forms on our website.

What we need

In order to respond to your enquiries, or for you to register your interest and/or apply to join us as a member of staff / trader / music artist etc we need to retain some personal data. This includes the likes of your name, contact number, email and background (in the case of job applications).

Why we need it

We need to know this personal information to answer your enquiries effectively/assess your suitability for the job/trader/musical artist application, and to stay in contact. We will not collect personal data from you that we do not need.

What we do with it

All the data we hold about you is potentially sent through our contact forms to three places: 1) Our business google storage drive (in the case of job/trader/musical artist applications), this allows us to assess your entire application in one place, from here we can use the information your provided to send you a direct communication via email 2) Our mailing list (in the case of job/trader/musical artist applications), this allows us another opportunity to keep in touch with you as we send our communication regarding vacancies / last minute booking opportunities etc. 3) our google mail account (in the case of general enquiries contact form), this allows us to be able to respond to your enquiry.

We take all responsible steps to ensure personal data is processed and stored securely. You can see both Google’s and MailChimps privacy policies here and here respectively.

Withdrawal of consent

You do have the right to withdraw any personal information we hold, and can do so by either emailing us at hello@thegreenwoodcoffeelodge with your request and also by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ found on the bottom of any mailing list communications from us. We’d like to remind you that some of the information, ie contact details, is vital information for us to continue to stay in contact for bookings etc.


Receipts for payment and your privacy

As an eco-friendly site we do not print till receipts. We use PayPal as our Point of Sale (POS) and card reader, this allows us to digitally email you or text receipts. We do not store or save any of this information;  it is handled by paypal. You will not receive further communications from us following a digital receipt. You can view PayPal's privacy policy here.